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Nashville Relocation Services

Let’s face it, saying goodbye to friends and starting out somewhere new is never easy. Even if you consider yourself to be a seasoned mover, stress and anxiety are always part of the equation.

My goal is to help reduce the stress by providing a comprehensive relocation experience that will take you from your House Hunting trip all the way through the unpacking of your new Nashville area home.

Welcome To Nashville!!

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I’ve been on both sides of the relocation process, and I understand just how overwhelming and complex the experience can be.

I understand that your Relocation doesn’t just stop after you’ve found and bought your new home, and that it’s often the smallest details that can sometimes be the most difficult to navigate.

Every client has their own unique needs. Whether it’s arranging the pre-move in cleaning, finding a place where your children can play, meeting the “Internet Guy” or facilitating the transportation and boarding of your beloved family pets, my team and I can help take the worry out of the details.

No matter what your needs, I can put you in touch with knowledgeable, professional, and highly recommended vendors that I’ve used personally as a relocation specialist. It is my number one goal to make your moving process run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.


My Nashville Relocation Experience


The Day we signed on our first Nashville Home

If you were anything like my wife, Jessica and I, you fell in love with Nashville the second you landed. If you like good food, great music, and want to live in a big city with that good ol’ southern country feel, Nashville is the place you should call home.

We vacationed in Nashville multiple times because we just fell in love with everything the city and surrounding area has to offer. On one of the last trips my wife Jessica and I decided we needed to relocate ourselves and our well established Maine businesses to Nashville and that being happy where we lived was more important than staying in our comfort zones and wondering what may have been. Coming from the cold and snow of Maine did make it a lot easier. I don't enjoy 10º and snow very much.


Fast forward 2 years when we finally were able to balance work and a move. We found a house we love in an area we loved and felt safe in. Finding housing was not easy or cheap, wanting to be in the Nashville city limits but close to Brentwood too. I Highly suggest doing your homework on locations. Drive the city see what amenities are around and where you think you will be working. Reach out to a knowledgable Realtor®, I suggest me, to help you gain knowledge of the different neighborhoods in Nashville and the surrounding areas. You will need a trip or two to find a new place here.


Nashville Natives and long time residents will make you feel at home right away. Our experience was put yourself out there and you will soon make friends. The way of the South was a culture shock to me at first as people seem much nicer than the North. I think it's a mix of southern hospitality and a lot of transports also trying to make friends just like you. We have met some amazing people in our first few months here and we are very grateful for having met them. It didn't take long to realize that the 23rd largest city in the nation does not feel very big at all. It is a lot smaller than you would think and can get a bit cliquey at times. But you will definitely find your people. Nashville is the most accepting city I have every known.


Traffic can be really congested at times so plan your trips wisely and know the best times to be on the roads. Location you choose to live will have a lot to do with that as well. The location we chose is pretty close to a 65 ramp so we lucked out.


We are both well on our way to getting our careers back to where they were in Maine. Working hard in Nashville will pave the way for a successful move for anyone. This amazing town rewards hardworkers.


We felt at home very shortly after getting here and we have had some amazing experiences and met some amazing people that have made the move that much better. That still doesn't make missing friends from home any easier. This has been the very short version of our move. I hope your move is as successful as ours has been. If you are thinking of moving to Nashville or the surrounding area let's talk.

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